Calici in Villa

Came to the 8th edition of the splendid Historic Park of the Villa Imperiale , CALICI IN VILLA has become the most unforgettable opportunity for those who want to know and appreciate prestigious wineries selected by the Organizing Committee. Seeking tasty restaurateurs and gourmet dishes, craftsmanships, homemade dumplings and genuine prosciutto makers will accompany us in an extraordinary journey that intertwines with the essence of our Venetian roots. Two days in which you can taste quality VENETIAN WINES, knowing the places of origin and the producers, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities that make their product unique to our palate.The Scriani present from the first edition are proud of the event, with the LOVED Red wines of Valpolicella, and white lacustrine wines.This year’s newest will be the Brut bubbles, premiered at vinitaly 2017.A world of colors and flavors in an environment where time seems to have stands still

We all welcome you to this Land of Wisdom and Passions

Galliera Veneta – 29.-30. July 2017 from 18.00 to 23.00.


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