Recioto della Valpolicella

Grape origin: from the “Mandolari”, “Bosco”, “Tondin” vineyards on the Scriani Estate in Fumane.
Grape varieties: Corvina 60%, Corvinone 20%, Rondinella 10%, Molinara 10%.
Harvest: manual harvest (third week of September); selection of the best grapes which have been exposed to the sun.
Vinification: after a period of natural drying room of 100 to 130 days, pressing and slow fermentation at a low temperature.
Ageing: in small oak barrels for about 12 months and in the bottle for a further 12 months.
Tasting notes: ruby red with a tendency towards purple, clean and intense aromas of fruit syrup, walnut, and with bouquet of cherries, red berries and lightly spicy notes.
Alcohol: 14% Vol.
Food matches: a wonderful dessert wine, which is the perfect match to the traditional desserts from the local area such as Veronese Pandoro, Panettone and pastry but it can be happily paired with soft cheeses such as gorgonzola.
Temperature: To be served at room temperature 18-20° and uncorked before drinking to allow some time for it to release all the intensity of its perfume.
Size: Bottle 0.50 l.


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2012Annual awards
Ro-wine awards: Silver
Guida vini buoni d'Italia:4 Stars
Vini di Veronelli: 90 points
2013Annual awards
Vini Buoni d'Italia: 3 Stars
2015Annual awards
Praga wine Trophy: Gold
Vini Buoni d'Italia: 4 Stars
2018Annual awards
Von Falstaff 2020: 93 points